About Us
Name Director Type Position
Ms.Panawan Wongakkarakul - Authorized Director - Director
- Chief Executive Officer
Dr.Noppadol Mingchinda - Independent Director - Director
- Chairman of the Audit Committee
Ms.Kantima Pornsriniyom - Director - Director
- Member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee
Mr.Varut Bulakul - Director - Director
- Member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee
Mr.Amorn Sapthaweekul - Director - Director
Mr.Pathnasook Chamonchant - Independent Director - Director
- Chairman of the Nomination and Compensation Committee
- Member of the Audit Committee
Mr.Thammarat Horboonmasuth - Independent Director - Director
- Member of the Risk Oversight Committee
Mr.Manop Oulansiripong - Authorized Director - Director
- Member of the Risk Oversight Committee
Mr.Panya Chanyarungrojn - Independent Director - Director
- Member of the Audit Committee
- Chairman of the Risk Oversight Committee
Prof. Dr. Surakiart Sathirathai
As of February 21, 2023
Executive Officers: Business Units
Name Position
1. Ms.Panawan Wongakkarakul Chief Executive Officer.
Acting Head of Lending Group.
Acting Head of Treasury Group.
Acting Head of Human Resources Dept.
2. Mr. Pratya Chalanumas Senior Vice President Corporate & Retail Lending Dept.
3. Ms.Kwang Emmanoch Vice President Funding Dept.
Acting Head of Investment Dept.
Executive Officers: Support and Control Units
1. Mr.Manop Oulansiripong First Senior Executive Vice President, Support and Administration Group.
2. Ms.Nopawan Kertsiri Chief Financial Officer, Finance & Accounting Group.
3. Dr.Sunetra Saengratanagul Executive Vice President, Internal Audit Dept.
4. Mr.Apiyut Jarupriwan Executive Vice President, Credit Risk Group
Acting Head of, Credit Monitoring Dept.
5. Mr.Piya Chanakanont Senior Vice President, Appraisal Dept.
6. Ms. Petcharat Chaiwong Vice President, Operations Dept.
7. Mr.Thanavat Tharathamrongkiat Vice President, Legal Dept.
8. Mr.Kitidech Chayanuwat Vice President, Credit Risk Management Dept.
9. Ms. Porhatai Dangnawong Vice President, Financial Accounting Dept.
10. Ms.Sukanya Matchaiyaphum Assistant Vice President, General Services Dept.
11. Ms.Rungrat Permpoontaweesup Assistant Vice President, Credit Administration Dept.
12.Mr. Theerawut Assawalertsomjit Assistant Vice President, IT Dept.
13. Ms.Nuanla-or Triamkerdsap Assistant Vice President, Acting Head of Compliance Dept.